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Our Trusted Partners

EPS routinely partners with the following specialty firms. They cover disciplines

that are often required in environmental documents.

Biological Assessments

Graening & Associates, LLC
Contact: Geo Graening (916) 452-5442

Composting Consultant

Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC
Contact: Matt Cotton 530-305-2060

Odor Control

Weaver Consultants Group
Contact: Jesse Levin (570) 460-8476

CEQA (Negative Declarations, EIRS, etc.)

BaseCamp Environmental, Inc
Contact: Charlie Simpson (209) 224-8213

Cultural and Paleo Studies

Natural Investigations Company
Contact: Cindy Arrington (916) 765-9361

Sound/Noise Analysis

Bollard Acoustical Consultants, Inc.
Contact: Paul Bollard (530) 537-2328

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