Air Permitting

Current regulations require that any business or person to obtain an Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate before installing or operating new equipment or processes that may release or control air pollutants. The complexity of the permitting requirements depends on the equipment or process and also varies with the location. 

 By identifying the requirements early in the planning stage avoids civil or criminal penalties, as well as lost time and money in design and/or the purchase of equipment that can't be permitted. We assist our clients during the early planning phases to ensure compliance with the regulations. We work cooperatively with the regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients to ensure all requirements will be met and the permits will be issued in a timely manner.   


Types of air permits include: 

Minor Permits for New Equipment or Process 

Minor Modification of Existing Permitted Facilities 

Major Permits 

  • Federal PSD Permits 

  • Title V Permits 

  • Major Modifications of Existing Major Permits