Risk Assesments

The process of translating emission rates of toxic air pollutants into public health risks is referred to as a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  A key requirement for obtaining an air permit or securing Use Permits is a demonstration that the project will not harm the public.  The harm is quantified in terms of a health risk.   

Three health risk metrics are commonly employed: 

  • Cancer Risk (the probability of contracting cancer from exposure to a toxic air pollutant) 

  • Long-Term (Chronic) Non-Cancer Risks 

  • Short-Term (Acute) Non-Cancer Risks 

EPS has completed risk assessments for a wide range of projects, including risks from proposed exploratory oil wells, powder milk processing plant, cogeneration plants, waste to energy plants and asphalt plants. 

EPS employs the latest risk assessment tools such as HARP2 to quantify public health risks. Contact us for examples of HRAs and what is the appropriate level of refinement needed for your project.